European Initiative for
Sustainable Development
in Agriculture

Contents :  The EISA Charter - The members of EISA

The EISA Charter

Integrated Farming Systems - the basis for sustainable agriculture in Europe

Sustainable development on our planet cannot be achieved without a major contri-bution from agriculture. People must be fed, and agriculture is faced with the challenge of producing food for a rapidly growing world population whilst maintaining the world‘s fragile resources. 

Sustainable development must encompass food production alongside conservation of finite resources and protection of the natural environment so that the needs of people living today can be met without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Integrated Farming meets these potentially conflicting challenges at farm level, in a manner that balances food production, profitability, safety, animal welfare, social responsibility and environmental care. Integrated Farming seeks to reinforce the positive influences of agricultural production whilst reducing its negative impacts. It is a means of achieving sustainable agriculture and an indispensable part (but only a part) of sustainable development.

Organisations for the promotion of Integrated Farming have been formed throughout Europe - FNL in Germany, LEAF in Great Britain, Odling i Balans in Sweden, FARRE in France, FILL in Luxemburg and L‘Agricoltura che vogliamo in Italy. They all aim to en-courage the adoption of Integrated Farming on farms and to inform consumers of its principles and advantages, in both the acceptability of food and towards the environment. They have founded EISA to intensify these efforts on a European basis.

EISA members are strongly committed to sustainable agriculture, which is economically viable, environmentally responsible and socially acceptable. EISA will continue to work in partnership with all stakeholders to achieve the goal of a sustainable agriculture through the promotion and further development of Integrated Farming.

January, 2001

Mrs. Christiane Lambert
President of FARRE
113, av. J.-B. Clement
F- 92100 Boulogne Billancourt
Mr. Robert Campbell
Member of LEAF-board
Stoneleigh, Warwickshire
CV 8, 2 LZ 
Great Britain
Mr. Göran Ohlsson
Chairman of Odling i Balans
Box 109, 
S-28900 Knisling
Dr. Carlo Vailati Riboni
Vice-President of 
L‘Agricoltura che vogliamo
Via Giovanni da Procida, 11
I - 20149 Milano
Mr. Nico Kaas
Chairman of FILL
Service d‘Economie Rurale
115, rue de Hollerich
L - 1741 Luxembourg
Mr. Heinz-Christian Bär
Member of FNL-board
Konstantinstraße 90
D-53179 Bonn 

The members of EISA

In Europe, 6 national associations promote Integrated Farming and are grouped together under the common identity of EISA (European Intitaitive for Sustainable Development in Agriculture).

These associations are :

To contact EISA :

President : Heinz-Christian BAR
Vice-President : Jean-Marie MUTSCHLER
Treasurer : Lucien CLESSE

Fr Susanne WITSCH
Konstantinstrasse 90, D- 53179 Bonn
Tel. : +49 (0)2 28 - 9 79 93 - 0
Fax: +49 (0)2 28 - 9 79 93 40